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440W LED
Voltage:AC220V~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption:470w
Specification:440w LED 
Colour: a colour wheel 6 colours + white light, pattern can be customized
Control signal: self-signal knob control
Control mode: stand-alone mode
Optical system: the U.S. Mingliu lamp beads 440Wled lamp beads
Cooling system: high-strength air-cooled
Aperture effect: aperture size adjustable
Strobe: 1-7 times / sec strobe
Colour temperature correction: normal 5600k, high 6000K, low 3200K
Light speed distance: 40M
Light speed angle: 23 degrees
Safety measures: in line with a variety of safety standards, IP20 protection level, the power cord is consistent with the
CE20/22 level 3 standard, high temperature automatic cut-off protection device.
Shell: aluminium alloy cladding
Size: 70*33*31cm
Net weight:10Kg